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Christian Counselling Courses


Mental health is in the news a lot these days. Do you feel equipped to deal with such issues or even wondered why some people, despite earnest prayers, struggle with mental health for years?

Church on the Way in conjunction with Waverley Abbey College is pleased to be offering TWO courses that can equip you to work effectively both within the church and the wider community.

Our short course, commencing on Tuesday November 5th, known as ICCC is particularly helpful for people with a pastoral care ministry while the longer course, Vocational Training in Counselling (One year part-time) from January 7th 2020 can lead to becoming a qualified counsellor with a further 2 years that we are hoping to offer. This standard of Christian training has not been available locally before so it is an exciting development.

Full details of the training courses, how to book, dates, times and cost are in the ATTACHED leaflets below.  The 2up leaflet is designed to be printed double sided and cut in half. You are also welcome to drop us an email with any questions you have relating to these courses at – info@cotw.org.uk

WAC leaflet – Introduction to Christian Care & Counselling Bradford Hub

WAC Poster – Introduction to Christian Care & Counselling Bradford Hub

We look forward to hearing from you.

Liz Mole – BA (Hons) Counselling, MA Relational Counselling and Psychotherapy